Testimonials — See what clients are saying about their time with Captain Anne.

I have sailed with Anne many times in the best of weather, and the worst, calm seas and raging swells in the sound and Strait of Juan De Fuca, wonderful scenery of Puget Sound, the local islands, and chased along side dolphins and orca around the San Juans. I learned volumes about sailing, and became adept at seagoing ways through your help and encouragement. I will always treasure those times and value the knowledge and experience I gained during our time together there! Anne, you are the best! I encourage anyone to set aside some time for themselves and their loved ones to experience the same kind of excitement and adventure as I had when I was with you! I hope to see you again soon to start again where we left off! Jibe Ho!...Set a good course, learn to sail safely and effectively, and have a great time with Captain Anne Alberg!”
— David A, Montana, USA
We had a fantastic week on our sailing charter in the Canadian Gulf Islands. I thank you for your expertise and guidance. You have inspired me to follow in your foot steps. Thanks again for a great week on the water!
— Nancy T, Seattle, WA
ANNE. Your confidence in me gave me just the right mix with all of the practice and talking through the process with me and all of us. I PARKED MY FREAKIN BOAT INTO MY SLIP AROUND THE PYLONS AND THE BIG POWER BOAT. it went smoothly, I was parallel but a little far from the dock. Carl was able to jump. It felt so great I cried. The week with all of you has taken me to the next level. I almost can’t believe that my skills, situational awareness, and integration of why I want to move the points of sail and running gear are within me. Thank you ever so much. I will take you with me in all of my winds . Such a fantastic journey with you all. Anne you are the very best . I am so grateful for your patience, expertise, passion and love of the sail . You really bring what seems like the impossible to life. Here I am truly sailing my boat KUDLIK
— Iris R, Kamloops CANADA (Boat Owner - Kudlik)
Anne was a thoughtful and very able instructor; insightful and helpful. Learned a good deal and enjoyed the water and some real fun moments. Anyone looking to acquire or perfect their sailing skills should start here.
— Neil P, Washington DC
I’d go sailing with Anne anywhere. As crew, I’ve been on many voyages with Anne as Skipper, not only locally on Puget Sound, but also a few International charters and deliveries into Canada and the Carribean. She is one of the most knowledgeable, competent and safe boat handlers I’ve ever known. Anne is passionate about sailing and always has a fun story to share to entertain her crew. She explains to the crew and passengers what to anticipate and why, while remaining calm in all types of situations. I’d trust her with my life on a boat in any ocean.
— April B, Seattle, WA
Anne is a proficient teacher and skipper. And she is just as personable as she is skillful at instructing the essentials of safe cruising. Anne is incredibly passionate about teaching and demonstrating sailing theory and technique. Anne Alberg far exceeded my expectations of having her aboard. Her professionalism and engaging, ambitious attitude to share her sailing experience with others is commendable.
— Annie W, Ontario CANADA
Throughout the summer of 2010 and for two weeks in the Canadian San Juans, I was fortunate in having Anne as crew. She is one of the most responsible crew I have had and always demonstrated mature responsible sailing skills. I would be comfortable with her in a most trying situation.
— Jack Shannon, Bellevue, WA (Boat Owner - Tranquillite')
It was great working with you and I had a lot of fun. You totally put me at ease and I look forward to learning with you in the future. I still have a lot to grasp and practice but your patience and encouragement is what I need. We have signed up for the virtual course and I will begin working with that. I will check our Fall plans and let you know.
— Nancy J, Park City, Utah (Boat Owner - Free Spirit)
“I had the pleasure of sailing with Anne Alberg for 4 weeks along the Inside Passage in Northern BC, Canada, across Hecate Strait to Haida Gwaii/The Queen Charlotte Islands. I admire her skill and expertise and the way she shares that knowledge with others. I would welcome the opportunity to sail with her anywhere. She is a safe, competent and inspirational skipper with insight and fortitude. Her common sense attitude, even temperament and positive demeanor allows the crew to rest easy. “
— Sara D, British Columbia CANADA
I was one of the lucky ones (3) times to get to fly to Desolation Sound and bring down the sailboat with Anne and friends. What an incredible journey led by Anne. She was a proficient yet fun Captain. I became the navikater and Anne taught me lots about navigating waters and inlets. I will treasure those times forever and dream of (next time) Thanks Anne I trust you with my life out there.
— Kate F, Marysville, WA
I want to say THANK YOU for a fabulous week. I really had a great time, and would love to go sailing with you again. You are a great captain, teacher and friend.
— Karen B, Auburn, WA
Anne is a great leader and has such great stories and fun. We went to the San Juan Islands via the Strait of Juan De Fuca (renamed De Puca)...it was very rough. We had an all girl crew (except for our galley boy but he couldn’t help us sail, he cooked) and when we docked people would stare at the all girl crew. Anne would guide the vessel in and we would get gas and supplies and head back out.

I learned so much from Anne and have had many sailing trips with her. I now live in Southern California and really miss her and her knowledge and wit. Truly a great captain...thank you Anne!
— Donna R, Long Beach, CA